Gloss Corporation
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Entertainment, Decoration & Wedding Organizer

Gloss Corporation provides three services that are divided into wedding organizer, Entertainment and Decoration, We train our team and produce our own decoration to maintain the best quality for Customer.


Gloss entertainment will make your party more lively and cheerful with years of experience


Gloss Decoration will make your party More luxury and unforgettable with original design and sturdy construction

Wedding Organizer

Gloss wedding Organizer Will make your party more neat and well structured with experienced team

“Marriage is the moment of a lifetime, so trust Your special moment with us who have experienced in the wedding event, because we’ve been established since 1984”

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Our Teams

Entertainment • Decoration • Event Organizer Specialists



Rendy Purnama


Fifi Purnama

General Manager


Marketing Manager


our customer reviews

  • ci fifiii thankyou ya ci buat entertain nyaaa. Sukses donk c, mc nya si ko jeff oke banget deh ci..papa mama koko juga blg oke banget hehe

  • Hai ci Mau say tq ni, Tq very much ya ci bwt entertainment n decor ny, Acra hr H ku sukses

  • ci ffi thanks bgt buat bantuan acara aku ama martin, mc,singer,main musik semua ok bgt, thanks banget ya ci fifi

  • Thanks bgt yaa udh dbantu dlm nikahan tony dan floren, MC nya seruu abies hehehe